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When it comes to love spells and potions, I must warn you to be careful for what you wish for. For what you send out comes back to you ". Specially if you are taking away a persons free will. I would consider this to be dark or negtive magic.

If a love relationship you created does not work out, and it was produced by a spell or a potion, it maybe very difficult to break or revease the spell. Also the person you had once desired, may turn out not to be who you at all thought they were.

I found that love spells and potions can have nasty side effects. You may have gained the affections of another. But that person may turn out to be someone you really don't want to be with after all, or worst. To break a love spell it is very difficult, most of the time it can only be bound if at best. So please beware what you wish for. Learn about the person you are casting the spell on the best you can. Truly think about if this is the person you really want to be with forever. ...... .... ........ ............ .......................... ........ ........ .. . True love is best when it is one that comes from free will, and mutual interest. As nature intended with natural selection .. To use a spell and, or potion you maybe in for more than you bargained for, either with abuse, shame, poverty or even death.

Be sure it's love you seek in your heart, and not lust from your loins. Love spells should only be used when the person has a interest in you also, and just needs a little help to be connected with you... BEWARE of messing with free will. . ......

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